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Arizona commerical residential contrator licenses

Arizona has separate commercial and residential licenses. For commercial work, you have the B-1 General Contractor and the B-2 Small Commercial General Contractor. The NASCLA exam can be taken in place of the B-1 or B-2 trades exams.


For residential work, you have the B Residential Contractor (No course offered).

Arizona General Contractors (NASCLA)

Arizona applicants applying for the B-1 (General Contractor) or B-2 (Small Commercial General Contractor) licenses have a choice of trade exams. They can elect to take either the NASCLA exam or the Arizona B-1 or B-2 state exams.

Once you pass the NASCLA exam, your passing score can also be used in other states to get commercial GC licenses. For a current list of states that accept NASCLA: Click Here

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Arizona Business & Law

This is no longer an exam taken at PSI. For more information Click Here