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Used Book Buy Back


Used Bookset Buyback Policy


My Contractors License offers a used bookset buyback program to provide students with an opportunity to sell their bookset back to us. This policy outlines the terms and conditions of the buyback program.


  1. The used bookset buyback program is available to students who have purchased from My Contractors License.
  2. Only Booksets in good condition, with all books and minimal wear, are eligible for buyback.
  3. Only booksets that were purchased as new from My Contractors License are eligible. If you purchase used books from us, they are not eligible for buyback.
  4. Books may contain tabs and highlighting Only.
  5. Only books still currently used on exams will be considered. Out of date publications will not be eligible for buy back. 

Buyback Value:

  1. The buyback value for used booksets is set at 50% of the initial purchase price, but can be affected by the condition of the books.
  2. The initial purchase price is determined by the original retail price of the bookset at the time of purchase.


  1. Students interested in selling their used booksets must Contact My Contractors License to begin Buy Back process and receive a quote.
  2. Send the materials to My Contractors License.
  3. The bookset will be inspected by our staff to ensure it meets the eligibility criteria.
  4. Upon successful inspection, the buyback value will be submitted in check form to the seller.