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    Alabama Home Builder Requirements & Application

    Who Needs A License:A person who constructs a residence or structure for sale or who, for a fixed price, commission, fee, or wage, undertakes or offers to undertake the construction or superintending of the construction, or who manages, supervises, assists, or provides consultation to a homeowner regarding the construction or superintending of the construction, of any residence or structure that is not over three floors in height and that does not have more than four residential units, or the repair, improvement, or reimprovement thereof, to be used by another as a residence when the cost of the undertaking exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the term includes a residential roofer when the cost of the undertaking exceeds two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500). Nothing herein shall prevent any person from performing these acts on his or her own residence or on his or her other real estate holdings. Anyone who engages or offers to engage in any acts described in this subdivision, through advertising or otherwise, shall be deemed to have engaged in the business of residential home building.

    Requirements: No Experience Required-No Insurance Required- No Bond Required

    Beginning in the 2022 renewal year, which begins October 1, 2021, all licensees and/or designated qualifying representatives for a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership under the age of 60 must obtain six (6) credit hours of continuing education before being issued a 2022 license.

    Board Contact Information:

    Alabama Licensing Board Home Builders

    445 Herron Street Montgomery, AL 36104



    Website: Alabama Home Builders Board

    Fees: The annual license fee is $250.00. A non-refundable $100.00 new license application processing fee must also accompany applications for a new license. Please make checks, in the amount of $350.00 payable to the Home Builders Licensure Board. Alabama Home Builders License Application

    Alabama Home Builder Test Information

    Information Bulletin:Prov Alabama Home Builder Bulletin

    Exam Information
    Exam Fee $80
    Number of Questions 80
    Passing Score 70%
    Time Limit 240 Minutes

    Subject Area Number of Questions
    Plan Reading
    Sitework & Foundations 10
    Concrete & Reinforcement 7
    Masonry 6
    Carpentry 20
    Roofing 7
    Interior Finish 4
    Exterior Finish 5
    Associated Trades 6
    OSHA 5

    Alabama Home Builder License Reciprocity

    If you hold a residential construction license in the States of Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, or North Carolina you may be exempt from the Skills section of the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board Exams, but are still required to take and pass the Business and Law section.

    Alabama Home Builder License Permitted Work

    Permits the construction of new and existing residential structures in the state of Alabama.

    Alabama Home Builder License Prep Courses Offered