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Alabama Under Four Story

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    Alabama Under Four Stories Requirements & Application

  • Any prime contractor or sub contractor working on projects where the cost of labor and materials is more than $50,000 is required to have the appropriate license.
  • Applicants must submit verification of 3 years of experience and a financial statement.
  • This license is for commercial work only. You will need a separate license for residential work. Alabama does require double license if you are doing Residential and Commercial work.
  • Applicants must have a minimum net worth and working capital of $10,000 in order to qualify for the lowest bid limit classification.
  • Monetary Build Limits are set based on Net worth or Working Capital. This is calculated using the 10x multiplier. The Follow Formula is used to set your build limit (Working Capital or Networth (The board will use the lower of the two options.) * 10 = (Build Limit Per A Project)

    Board Contact Information:
    Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors

    2525 Fair Lane Drive

    Montgomery, AL 36116

    Phone: 334.272.5030
    Fax: 334.395.5336
    Website: Alabama Commercial Contractors Board
    Fees: The application fee for a new prime Alabama contractor license is $300. The renewal fee is $200. The application fee for a subcontractor is $150. To obtain an Alabama contractor license application and other forms for Alabama go to Alabama General Contractor Application

    Alabama Under Four Stories Test Information

    Test Information

    Test Info:This test covers information in the 9 subject areas below. The questions are created from content in the 13 book set shown below the following chart. Candidate Information Bulletin: Click here to download the bulletin.

    Exam Information
    Exam Fee $96
    Number of Questions 90
    Passing Score 70% or 63 Questions
    Time Limit 230 Minutes

    Subject Area Number of Questions
    Sitework, Footings, and Foundation
    Concrete and Concrete Reinforcement 8
    Metals 5
    Masonry 6
    Carpentry 16
    Roofing 10
    General Code and Construction Knowledge 20
    Associated Trades 10
    OSHA Safety 7

    Alabama Under Four Stories License Reciprocity

    Alabama has established reciprocity with Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee. You will need to verify if your license can be utilized in these states.

    Alabama Under Four Stories License Permitted Work

    The Alabama Building Contractor under 4 Stories allows Commercial projects ONLY. This license shall include the construction of building structures, including modifications that do not exceed 3 stories in height, and any roof structure or component of such structure that does not exceed 50 feet in height, which are intended for use for shelter, protection, comfort, or convenience.

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