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Georgia Commercial GC license the same as a NASCLA license?

Georgia Commercial GC license the same as a NASCLA license?

Posted by My Contractors License on 1st May 2024

Is a Georgia Commercial GC license the same as a NASCLA license? Well, yes and no. Let's break it down.

The Georgia commercial license requires passing a test, and interestingly, it's the exact same test as the NASCLA Exam. But here's the twist: there's no such thing as a NASCALA license. Instead, passing the NASCLA Exam grants you NASCLA accreditation, which can be used to obtain your GC license in 16 states, including Georgia.

Now, does it matter which exam you take—Georgia Commercial or NASCLA? Absolutely. Despite the identical nature of the tests—same number of questions, subject matter, and time—how you approach them differs significantly.

For the Georgia Commercial exam, you need to submit an application and get approval from the board first. You then have one year to pass the exam, with a limit of two attempts. Failing twice puts you on a one-year probation before you can reapply. This same process applies to the business and law exam required as well—two attempts in the first year and one attempt per sequential year after.

On the other hand, with the NASCLA exam, it's a breeze. Simply register with NASCLA org, pay a small fee, and you're good to go whenever you're ready. Plus, you're allowed three attempts. That's a bit more flexibility compared to the Georgia route.

Our recommendation? Opt for the generic NASCLA exam for its simplicity and the added testing opportunity. But here's a pro tip: even if you choose NASCLA, it's wise to still apply with Georgia first to ensure approval. Then, instead of taking the Georgia commercial exam, go for the generic NASCLA exam. Remember, you'll still need to tackle the Georgia business and law exam separately, regardless of which path you take.

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