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Posted by My Contractors License on 15th Jun 2023

What Is the NASCLA Exam & Why You Might Want To Take It

Are you looking for ways to differentiate yourself from other contractors in your area and gain industry recognition? Have you considered getting your general contractor’s license but don’t know the best way to get it? If so, there’s a great option available—the NASCLA exam. This is an examination offered by the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) that tests professionals on their knowledge of commercial construction business principles.

When you pass the exam, you will receive your general contractor's license which allows you to expand your business both by the project size and by working in multiple states. Taking this exam can signify competency in both American-based contracting practices and laws governing construction activities in participating States. Read on to learn more about what taking this exam entails and why it might be beneficial for your career!

What is NASCLA? 

The National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) is an association of state agencies that have implemented laws to regulate contractors. Their main objective is to cultivate best practices and create uniformity throughout the industry. The NASCLA Accredited Exam was created to minimize redundant licensure demands and help contractors who must be authorized in multiple States. 

17 states use and or recognize the NASCLA-accredited exam. This means that these states will accept the license received upon passing the NASCLA exam and won’t require you to retake the trade exam twice. Although contractors will still be required to meet any additional state license requirements and will likely have to take the Business and Law portion of the exam. 

Participating States: 

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Virginia 
  • Virgin Island
  • West Virginia

The NASCLA exam tests your knowledge of topics such as estimating, bidding, preconstruction service, project management, construction, closeout procedure, and financial management. 

To take the test you simply go to the NASCLA National Examination Database: Apply on the left-hand side of your screen and submit the $35 application fee.

Once you are registered with you will receive a candidate code number that you will use to schedule your exam with PSI Exams. The testing fee for PSI exams is $130.00 and the NASCLA exam is offered in most states. The exam is an entirely open-book exam and all questions are multiple-choice. The exam is 5 ½ hours long with 115 questions. To pass the examination you will need a minimum score of 70% which is 81 questions.

Why Should You Get NASCLA? 

If your work is reaching new heights and you find yourself relying on subcontractors for larger projects, you may want to consider taking the NASCLA exam. The NASCLA is extremely beneficial when your business overflows into other states, specifically other states that accept the NASCLA exam. It streamlines the process making working from state to state easier. 

Taking the NASCLA exam means you will only have to take the trade portion of the exam once—saving you both time and money. If you become a member of NASCLA, not only will you have access to industry contacts through networking opportunities, but you'll also be able to stay in the loop with breaking news and trends within your field.

Most importantly, you'll avoid any potential fines or penalties. Contracting without a legitimate license is illegal. Without the required certification to do your job, you'll be unable to get access to the necessary building permits. Or in worst-case scenarios, be able to file a lawsuit if a client decides not to pay you. In short: investing time and effort into acquiring a valid license is far more beneficial than risking legal repercussions by operating without one.

What Are The Requirements For Taking the NASCLA Exam? 

Before signing up for the NASCLA exam, verify the state in which you want to be licensed, and their requirements, financial and experience-wise. Confirm that the NASCLA exam covers the license and work you are seeking.

The NASCLA exam is a commercial license exam and in some states will not cover residential-specific licensing needs. It’s important to note that specific documentation can vary depending on your state’s rules and regulations.

Please contact My Contractors License to confirm if the NASCLA exam is the right fit for your licensing needs.

The NASCLA exam has a maximum limit of three attempts. If after the third attempt, you still don’t pass, don’t worry, you can reapply to take the exam once their one year of eligibility from the application approval date has expired. 

How My Contractor's Licence Can Help with the NASCLA Exam

“Our responsibility is to guide you through the process, from helping you figure out which license best fits your needs to help you succeed in passing the NASCLA exam and obtaining your contractors license. We found that those who know exactly why they want to get their general contractor license are more motivated to get it. Think about what a general contractor license means to you and how it can help your business grow.”
Ron Daniell, principal of MyContractor License said.

Choose a NASCLA Study Plan

MyContractor’s License wants to help contractors succeed in passing NASCLA. We will talk you through all of your options, finding the best possible study plan for you—even if it is not us. Our focus is to guide and be of service to contractors so they can continue to build the world we see around us. We will provide support and direction to those that need it, especially if they are hesitant at first or unsure of exactly what they need. Our goal is to foster meaningful relationships and accountability through trust so that you can succeed in getting your general contractor’s license today. 


A lot of builders make the mistake of thinking that since they have experience with contract work they will pass the exam with flying colors. Sadly this is not always the case. NASCLA is a text-heavy test—created not based on if you are a good builder but if you can read and remember the book. MyContractor’s License aims to bridge the gap, helping contractors learn how to best apply their building experience knowledge to the written knowledge of textbooks.


Our number one goal is to offer you assurance. We want you to know what to expect when you enter the exam room and be confident to answer every question. We know that you are fantastic builders, let us help you pass this test so you can continue to do what you do best. If you take the time to study, success is all but guaranteed. 


We provide test-takers with direction so they will know what to expect on the exam and exactly what kind of answers they are looking for. Consider it like taking an SAT Prep Course! Taking the exam can be an intimidating experience, but being prepared ahead of time can take away all anxiousness associated with exams. 

Try Out Our NASCLA Training!

Sign up for our free demo of NASCLA Training or many of our other license courses with MyContractor License today and benefit from our expert lessons designed to help you achieve the best results possible on your licensing test! You’ll be celebrating in no time, which is after all one of the most important steps. After all your hard work you deserve to lay back and enjoy yourself.