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Mississippi Remodeler

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    Mississippi Remodel Builder Requirements & Application

  • You will need this Remodel contractor license if you are performing residential construction over $50,000. If you are performingremodeling or roofing over $10,000 you will need a Remodeling or Roofing license.
  • You are required to show proof of general liability insurance coverage. There is no minimum policy amount.
  • If you hold a residential contractor license, you may work on commercial projects provided the job does not exceed 7,500 sq. ft.
  • Pre-approval from the state is required to sit for this exam.* No financial statements are required for residential applications.
  • Applicant must show experience in the classifications of work requested. Applicant will need to list 3 jobs completed in requested Class.
  • Board Contact Information:

    Mississippi State Board of Contractors
    2679 Crane Ridge Dr. Suite, C
    Jackson, MS 39216

    Phone: 800.880.6161

    Frequently Asked Questions: Mississippi Frequently Asked Questions Fees: The application fee for a new residential contractor license is $50.00. Application: Mississippi Remodelers Builders License Application

    Mississippi Remodel Builder Test Information

    Test Information:
    This open book test covers information over 10 subject areas. The questions are created from content in the 9 book set.

    Candidate Information Bulletin:
    Mississippi Residential PSI Candidate Bulletin
    Exam Information
    Exam Fee $120
    Number of Questions 60
    Passing Score 70%
    Time Limit 135 Minutes

    Subject Area Number of Questions
    Safety 6
    Windows and Doors 3
    Rough Carpentry 11
    Finish Carpentry 11
    Siding 3
    Drywall 2
    Concrete 7
    Masonry 7
    Roofing - Residential and Commercial 10

    Mississippi Remodel Builder License Reciprocity

    Mississippi has established residential reciprocity with Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee. If you have held a license in one of these states for three (3) consecutive years, the board may waive your trade exam. However, the Mississippi Business Law and Project Management exam is mandatory.

    Mississippi Remodel Builder License Permitted Work

    The Mississippi Remodel Builder license permits you to Bid and Build Residential Projects in the State of Mississippi. Residential license holders are also allowed to work on commercial projects provided the job does not exceed 7500 square feet.

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